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10am-6pm Monday
10am-6pm Tuesday
10am-6pm Wednesday
10am-6pm Thursday
10am-6pm Friday
10am-5pm Saturday
Closed Sunday

April, June, July HOURS:
10am-5pm Monday
10am-5pm Tuesday
10am-5pm Wednesday
10am-5pm Thursday
10am-5pm Friday
10am-4pm Saturday
Closed Sunday

March, August, September, October HOURS:
10am-4pm Monday
10am-4pm Tuesday
10am-4pm Wednesday
10am-4pm Thursday
10am-4pm Friday
10am-3pm Saturday
Closed Sunday

Closed November, December, January, and February

Closed on Holidays.

PHONE: (234) 209-9675

Welcome! We are at 932 S. Main St., North Canton, OH 44720. We sell pond supplies, pond fish, and pond plants. We are in the same location that Lilyblooms Aquatic Gardens was at, as of 2015 they have moved to a new shipping location. They will no longer have a walk in store, however, they will still be selling plants through their website. Come in and visit us, we've done some updates and are carrying some new products, plants, and fish!

Water Lilies

Water Lilies